6 Tips for Working with the Full Moon

In this post, we explore how to work with the powerful energy of the Full Moon phase.

6 Tips for Working with the Full Moon

If you didn’t notice already, we absolutely love moon magick. The Moon, in all her phases, is a sight to behold and we’re awed every time we look at her beautiful face.

While we do love all her phases equally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t admit that the Full Moon has something special about her. As she shines bright in the sky, she infuses us with her energy and inspires us to seek the light in ourselves so that we too can reach our full potential.

We want to help you better understand her magick so below are our top 6 tips for working with Full Moon Magick.

"It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon". Galileo Galilei

1. The Full Moon is a time of Completeness.

During the Full Moon, the face of the Moon is completely illuminated and shines round and bright in the sky. The Full Moon is a physical representation of completeness, of ideas that blossomed and found fulfilment, of energies that have grown and reached their peak, and of lightness and joy.

2. Be Bold.

During the Full Moon, energies feel big, bold and exciting. You’ve sown the seeds of your intention for the Lunar Cycle and are now ready to reap the rewards for all the hard work you’ve put in.

Sometimes this energy can be overwhelming, just like the culmination of a big project. During the Full Moon, it’s not uncommon to feel a little on edge and a little anxious.

However, with this boost of energy comes a certain “knowing” that you are taking steps in the right direction and moving forwards towards being your most authentic self. Be Bold and allow the Full Moon to be your guide.

3. Learn to Listen.

The Full Moon brings you answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself throughout the Lunar Cycle. These questions may not even have been consciously put out into the Universe, but they are questions that will be answered nevertheless by the Full Moon’s power.

While the answers that you receive may not always be the answers you wanted, they are usually the answers that you need in order to progress.

Be open to these questions and let your intuition and the Moon guide you to the answers that are the most important for your own journey.

4. Practice with Intention.

The energy that you’ve been creating, consciously or subconsciously throughout the Lunar Cycle has reached a peak at the Full Moon. This peak is sometimes called the “Cone of Power” and is built through both intention and energy.

The more intention and energy you put into your practice, the stronger the foundations of your cone will be. With a strong foundation, your energy will be focused and strong and will beam your intentions out into the Universe with certainty and strength.

5. Work with the Alchemical Phase.

The Full Moon takes place in the 4th stage of Alchemy called the Rubedo Pase. This phase can also be called the reddening. During this phase, things are brought to life. Energy and intention are joined and our will is manifest.

The Rubedo phase is considered a stage of transformation marked by physical expression. By transforming your thought into action, you have crossed an invisible barrier and are now open to dreams becoming reality. The Full Moon has allowed you to open your eyes and free yourself in order to become aware of your existence on a deeper level.

This deeper understanding may come and go, as do all things in life, but it will never leave you. Learn to channel this energy of understanding so that you can visualise and tap into it whenever you need to.

Remember, physical transformation often comes alongside the release of old habits that no longer serve you. Allow the energy of the Full Moon to gently release you of whatever no longer serves you and confront the obstacles in your path so that you can overcome them with ease.

6. Confront your Shadow Side.

The light of the Full Moon can illuminate corners that you usually prefer not to look into. Embrace the shadows and allow them to come to the light.

A wonderful way to do this is by journaling during the light of the Full Moon. Some questions to consider are:

- How do I deal with my fears?

- What steps could I take to turn my fears into considered risks?

- What do I fear losing?

- How can I face my fear of this loss?

- What keeps me awake at night?

- In my darkest dreams, what is it that scares me most?

- What kind of mental boundary do I most fear breaking?

- How can I constructively break through this boundary?

- What am I most afraid of

- How can I face my fear?

Remember, you don't need to face everything at once. Allow yourself the time and space you need to work with these journal questions and consider working with the energies of the Full Moon that most align with your chosen question.

With a little bit of time, knowledge and an openness to learning about and accepting the ever-present energies in the world, you'll be working with the Full Moon in no time.

Are you ready for Full Moon Magick? What gets you excited about working with the Moon?