6 Fool-Proof Ways to Work with the Waxing Moon

6 Fool-Proof Ways to Work with the Waxing Moon

6 Fool-Proof Ways to Work with the Waxing Moon.

The Waxing Moon phase embodies the energies of forward momentum and movement toward positive change. The Moon is growing steadily lighter and rounder and these energies speak of the possibilities before you and the ripening of intentions sown during the New Moon.

The Waxing Moon

Alchemical Phase: Citrinitas

"Even the Moon, in her glowing perfection, who can pull the ocean, light up the night, and kiss the stars, has her craters and her flaws".

1. Stepping into Your Power

The Waxing Moon asks us to step into our own power. We have been busily building the foundations and sowing the seeds of our intentions and now is the time to step forward and allow those intentions to blossom. As the light of the Moon grows, so too does our ability to stand in it in order to see the way forward.

The Waxing Moon provides guidance energies
to help us take the steps we need in order to manifest our desires

2. Finding Balance

While the Moon is growing in size and brightness, don’t forget that there is still darkness present. Finding the balance between intense periods of growth and rest are both vitally important.

When you feel energised, grasp that momentum and do the work. When you feel tired or less energised, take it as a reminder that sometimes growth requires periods of rest and relaxation.

3. Working with the Alchemical Phase

The alchemical phase Citrinitas corresponds to the Waxing Moon phase. Citrinitas is considered the “educational” phase where you are able to see and act on, new possibilities. This phase lends itself to the exploration of new ideas and encourages new ways of being.

It is showing us that new paths are opening up before us and that we need to be open to, and actively participating in, our journey toward a deeper understanding of the self and the Universe.

During the previous phases, we’ve confronted the darkness, acknowledged the ego, released what no longer serves us and now is the time to step into our own power and understanding.

4. Open Yourself to Lunar Guidance

Awareness increases during the Waxing Moon. Things that felt insurmountable previously may feel more doable during this phase. As the Moon grows in brightness, it shines a light on the path forward and lets us see ways past obstacles that we couldn’t see before. Use this guiding energy to tackle tasks that have been stagnant and difficult to approach.

5. Revel in Prosperity

The Waxing Moon is growing and prospering and so too, can you. Use the energies provided by the Moon to work with prosperity and success magick. Now is the time to make bold moves in the direction that you want to go. Trust that you are supported and put in the work now so that you are using the energy of building momentum and growth in your favour.

6. Journal Questions for the Waxing Moon.

Journalling can help us tune into the energies moving all around us. Working with specific questions, during specific Moon Phases can help bring pertinent thoughts, feelings and answers to the fore.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Don't feel that you have to tackle all the questions in one go. Pick one or two complimentary questions and really do a deep dive into them. Pick another couple the next Waxing Moon phase.

Some questions to consider for the Waxing Moon are:

  • What am I avoiding that is hindering my growth?
  • What do I need in order to feel validated and do I need outsider input to feel validated?
  • How can I provide this feeling of validation for myself?
  • What active steps am I taking to achieve my goals?
  • What makes me feel motivated?
  • How can I use this motivation to best achieve my goals?
  • What decreases my motivation or makes me feel lethargic?
  • Can I remove the thing that decreases my motivation from my life?
  • In what areas of my life am I experiencing growth?
  • In what areas of my life am I stagnating?

These journal questions may bring up emotions or difficult feelings. Allowing yourself to experience these feelings and work through them is vital to your growth. When in doubt, sit under the Waxing Moon and let her show you the way.

With Universal Guidance, trust in yourself, openness to exploration and an ability to follow the Moonlight you'll be working with Lunar Magick and the Waxing Moon phase in no time.

What are you most excited about working with during the Full Moon? Do you have a particular goal you've set that you'd like to work towards?