5 Tips for Working with the New Moon

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5 Tips for Working with the New Moon

New Moon moving through the sky

It would be disingenuous of us to say that we didn't love Moon Magick. The Moon, in all her phases, serves to remind us that even in times of darkness, we will eventually always see the light.

The New Moon speaks to our raw potential. Every possibility is within our grasp and now is the time to narrow down our focus, plant the seeds of our intention deep in our metaphorical soil and influence positive personal growth.

"The Moon teaches us gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly". Rumi

1. Sowing the Seeds

Just like a seed, your intention needs a little loving darkness in order to germinate and put down strong roots. Seeds planted in the light grow fast and tall, but often lack the structural integrity to continue this fast-paced growth. They quickly fall over and fail due to their lack of strong roots. Our intentions are just the same. They need time in the darkness to grow strong and settle in so that they can reach for the light when the time is right..

2. Acknowledging the Darkness

We often look to the Full Moon to fulfil all our magickal yearnings, however, the New Moon is just as vital to our practice. Enjoying the light means acknowledging the shadows because, without darkness, we wouldn't know that we loved the light.

The contrast of light and shadow is vital to the human experience. In order to revel in the light, we first must explore the darkness. This contrast serves to remind us of where we are and what boundaries we need to push in order to evolve to where we want to be.

3. Work with the Alchemical Phase to strengthen your Lunar Practice

The New Moon corresponds to the alchemical Albedo phase. This phase is all about contrast and insight into the shadows. It is considered a time of awakening, a time where the ego melts away and allows space for the exploration of new ideas.

Use this time to break down behaviours and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Leave your ego at the door and accept that you may not know everything. Use the space this release has created to allow new and exciting ideas and intentions to permeate your being. Accept that you are more than your ego and allow this realisation to lead you in the direction of your soul's desire.

4. Release Your Spiritual Artist.

Consider the New Moon as the blank canvas of your spiritual life. You may not know exactly what you plan to paint but often, as you take the brush into your hands, a vision starts to appear before you and you end up knowing with certainty what you want to paint.

The New Moon lends her energy to this type of spiritual artistry and exploration. Let her guide your hand as you make the first mark on your canvas. Be open to the Universes suggestions in terms of which direction you should move in. Being too set on what you want to achieve without allowing space for different ideas to show through gives you a form of tunnel vision and doesn’t easily allow the energy of inspiration to run through you. This directly relates back to our earlier point of letting go of Ego in order to fully explore your potential.

5. Journalling Your Way to the Light.

Confronting ourselves through the use of journal questions is a powerful way to release the old and stale to make room for the new and inspirational ideas awaiting you.

Some questions to consider for the New Moon are:

  • What do I want to create?
  • What does my ideal life look like?
  • What intention do I want to pursue this Lunar Cycle?
  • What can I release, in order to let the coming light in?
  • What deeper desire is driving my current intention?
  • What do I really want, deep down, that I don’t want to admit to myself?
  • Will this deep desire help or hinder my spiritual progress?
  • What conditioned behaviour could I release in order to allow new ways of thinking to develop?
  • What do I fear confronting?
  • How can I confront and work through this fear?
  • What intention do I want to sow for the coming Lunar Cycle?

You don't need to cover all these questions at once. Pick one or two, which you are most drawn to answering and work with them under the light of the New Moon.

With some trust, a bit of reading, a commitment to lowering your guard and a spirit yearning to explore and evolve, you'll be working with the New Moon like an expert in no time.

Are you excited to start working with the New Moon in your magickal practice? What are you most interested in exploring?